Survivor Spotlight: Linda Anglebrandt (Owner/Creator of Pulmonary Embolism Awareness Project,PEAP)

Hi  I’m Linda!  As one of the Administrators at Pulmonary Embolism Awareness Project (PEAP) on FB, I absolutely believe awareness is important.  29 Years ago, I had clots due to Birth Control Pills and a trauma to my leg. After the birth of Steven, subsequent surgeries. Many years later -Our son had chest pain, dizziness, blurred vision, anxiety & fear of death.Our Doctor diagnosed him as having Pleurisy. 3 days later , Steven died at 19 from PEs.CPR could not revive him because he had Massive clots in both Pulmonary Arteries.Even though I had clots and was told I could die from them, I did not know the symptoms. Internet didn’t exist in the early days of my clots, then in it’s early days – I was scared of it ! Two years later, my sister took ill & called to let me know she was going to the Doctor. The symptoms she described sounded like Steven’s. She called after seeing the doc & told me she was diagnosed with Pleurisy,too ! I told her demand a CT-Scan, so she did and they found PEs ! While visiting at the Hospital , we both cried and she told me he saved her. By trying to study everything I could to know what happened to him and what he went through to the end, I had learned much and saved my sister. It was her idea to start a page and get as much accurate information to people as we could. It gives meaning to my life, so that he did not die in vain.My Mom always told me I would not die until God’s purpose for me was served. This must be it !  I have met many amazing people, and  Administrators from other groups via Facebook – I admire their youth, and spirit in taking it to a whole new level ❤