Survivor Spotlight: “Auntie” Sue Bucina (SaSk Moderator)

What would you like for us to know about you?

My name is Sue Bucina. I’m a retired Registered Nurse of 43 years. About half my career was ICU/CCU, the ED and Supervision. Then I did home health, hospice, psych, addictions and forensic nursing. (I worked in a prison). I graduated in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.
NONE of that prepared me for the questions on Surviving a Silent Killer: PE and DVTs. I’ve learned more than I’ve been able to teach here. I think that’s AMAZING. I think you’re ALL AMAZING! And when I say that, please BELIEVE IT! Because It’s SO very TRUE.
I came to the page because I AM the Aunt of one of our members, Angi Amerson. She had for several months, tried to get me to write on her blog about how a Family Member of a Survivor “feels”. When we honestly “GET IT”, we feel pretty much as you do. We’re anxious and fearful, Happy and hopeful. We WANT everything to be OK… and we KNOW that’s a hope and a prayer, not a “given”. Each day becomes a possibility! We can make new memories or be scared of the OLD ones. I CHOSE NEW.
I’m a Christian with a very strong belief in prayer. When I say I’m praying for you… You’re ON THE LIST… til I’m told otherwise. Every day, usually twice daily, I go through the List. I thank God for each day and for every Survivor. The problems we “share” are continued faith and pains. Faith grows with exercising prayer. Pains just are.
I’m 67 and have earned my pain, through improper use of my body and poor diet! If I could grant a wish for each of you, I’d give you 10 days without pain and the financial backing to fulfill any dream on your Bucket List. In very small print it would say. “There! Thank You.” You see, when You’re happy, I’m happy too. When you’re sad or having a rough time, I worry and pray the more. Of course, I’d rather you were happy. So, basically, you can call me Sue or Auntie Sue! I’ve grown to think of you as my “own”. I’m also very pleased that we have many nurses now who are still ACTIVE in the field. WE must teach THEM! Our knowledge base of clotting and clotting disorders has grown so recently and so quickly, the More we TEACH, the Better the Outcome for Everyone.
I also love to HUG! When I use the little icons at the end of my “hello”, it means You are Loved and You are Hugged and you are Prayed For. God bless you all. 😀 No icons on my computer! Think Hearts and Roses and Hugs, Please.


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