Survivor Spotlight : Kathy Smith  (Moderator to SASK and SaSk Weight Warriors)

What do I want people to know about me?  As I thought about this, I struggled.  I am just an ordinary person. I am 52, single, working full time as an accountant for a management company.

​Upon further contemplation, I realized I was no longer ​”​ordinary​”.​​​​  November 18, 2014 changed that.  This was the day I learned I had a blood clot in my leg and clots in my lung.  ​This was the day I officially became a survivor.​ ​I survived the “Silent Killer.”

​I was ​transferred to a larger hospital for further treatment.

While most of that time is a blur, the only thing I remember vividly is thinking — it is just a clot — something small — nothing to really worry about.

Talk about being naive and uneducated.

My “small”clot was actually an extensive right lower extremity DVT  and a massive saddle pulmonary embolism extending into the pulmonary arteries bilaterally.  My DVT was idiopathic, meaning no cause could be determined.

My life will be forever changed.  I never realized the mental side effects of a clot.  I am not sure the underlying anxiety of having a recurrence will ever go away, although it has lessened over time.   I will be a lifer on coumadin.

Finding this group, Surviving a Silent Killer, has been a godsend.  It has enriched my life and empowered my recovery.

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