Survivor Spotlight : Susan Barry Harrington  ( Lead Admin for SaSk..Weight Warriors)

A little about me

Last year, I married my best friend, Brooke. He and I live with my 2 bright teens, Julianna and JohnRobert. Everyday is fun, yet challenging in our NC home! We have little Max, our long-haired Chihauhau and Lizzy, our Boykin Spaniel. I’ve worked for Verizon for 29 years as a Project Engineer and love that I can work at home a few days of the week! This allows me to see the kids coming and going and spend more time with Brooke, Lizzy and Max.

We try to start our mornings and evenings with walks with my best friend, Linda after JohnRobert and Julianna are off to school. Of course, some days are more successful than others! I enjoy reading, being outdoors, shopping, movies, football, baseball and spending time at the lake.

Oh – and I love to express myself through writing…….

Having blood clots was a learning experience for me. DVTs and PEs taught me to pay closer attention to my body. This experience was a little similar to having Melanoma and Epilepsy because now it’s another doctor’s appointment and more medication to keep my body functioning and healthy. All of these experiences have made me more aware of change and the importance of preventative healthcare.

Working with the Weight Warriors Group is like having another family for me. I love all of the members and can relate to the experiences that each is going through because of our urge to lead healthier lives after our past experiences with DVTs and PEs.


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