Survivor Spotlight : Tiffany Tiff  (Lead Admin over at Surviving a Silent Killer . . Let’s Talk Babies )

Hi! My name is Tiffany.  I am a mother of 2 beautiful sweet boys and married to a loving supportive husband. Only few people know I served 4 years on active duty with the Army and once I got out I began working at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It was a lifelong dream of mine to work at KSC and have been living the dream for 11.5 years now.

August 30, 2008 I was blindsided when the doctor came in the rook to tell me my upper back pain was actually a pulmonary embolism and that I am lucky to be alive. He proceeded to tell me I would have to stay in the hospital and my first response was “Will I be out of the hospital by Monday night? I have work on Tuesday” He looked at me and said “no you will be here awhile.”  The next morning my world changed when I was told I have Factor V and birth control pills are the reasons why I clotted so bad. I was the youngest patient in the pulmonary ward. I had every doctor possible coming in to ask me my story and telling me how I was beyond lucky to be alive.  They said I was a medical mystery. After 4 weeks I was allowed to return to work, which thankfully everyone has been so understanding. 

Another complication I have faced is multiple miscarriages, it hasn’t been easy carrying that burden. Because of my FVL, I have to take Lovenox injections during pregnancy and it wasn’t always easy but I will tell you it was worth it. My oldest son just turned 15 and looking at him now you would have no idea he was born 6 weeks early only weighing 3LBS due to a undiagnosed placental clot that wasn’t discovered until after birth. My youngest who is about to be 3 years old is my rainbow after the storms of miscarriage.  I took 529 injection during my pregnancy with him to make sure we both survived the pregnancy. Even though I began on one injection a day I ended up clotting, my dose was quadrupled!  Even after every possible complication during my pregnancy I was able to successfully deliver a healthy, happy baby boy 3 weeks early weighing 8lbs.

I am so blessed to be an admin on the Surviving a Silent Killer… Let’s Talk Babies page. I thought I was alone during my pregnancy.  I never knew anyone who had to take blood thinners during pregnancy.  The fact that I am able to help these lovely ladies through their journey and to let them know they are not alone is incredible!!!!

In my free time, HA! I’m a working mom, I love to sew, ride 4-wheelers with the family, bike or out competing  5K races with my family.

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