Survivor Spotlight: Laurel Al


Not sure how to start my story….but on August 13, 2016 I felt like I had pulled a muscle in my back. By August 14th , my pain kept getting worse. It even hurt to breath deeply. Still thinking I had a pulled muscle I called my regular doctor who couldn’t see me until Tuesday. Sunday and Monday night I would wake up going “Oh Oh Oh” and couldn’t hardly move or breath. Me, still thinking I just had a pulled muscle. Up until this happened I had been in pretty good health. So, on Tuesday I drive an hour to my doctors office. I advised them I couldn’t take a deep breath. Well they wanted to do xrays in the office just to check. Needless to say that during the 4th set of xrays and having to take a deep breath during each, I passed out. Apparently I was out for about 15 mins. I remember coming to in a wheel chair being rolled back to my drs room. Doctor said she didn’t like what was happening so she took my blood pressure. BP was 80/50. So then she did an EKG and my heart rate was 47. At this poing she advised me I was going to the hospital. Me, being a hard head and when I somewhat came to my senses, drove myself to the hospital. I was admitted immediately.  Approximately 10 minutes after arrival I passed out again. I don’t really remember much of that night. I know my BP got down to 60/? and my heart rate dropped down to 44. I also found out that my PE was in my right lung and was very large and while this was going on my left lung partially collapsed. I needed 5 bags of Potassium and a bag of Magnesium. I was given Warafin while in the hospital and sent home the next day. Three weeks later I caught pneumonia which was really bad. I still have a problem keeping my Potassium up so now I am on Potassium pills daily along with Folic Acid. I am also on Xalerto for life. With that,my hair kept falling out so I have cut almost 9 inches off. I do miss my long hair, but if that is all to complain about, well, I will take it. My PE was considered unprovoked since they don’t know where it came from, which causes alot of anxiety. I have good days and bad days. I still get tired easily but I am so thankful to be a Survivor! I am a SURVIVOR!


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