Survivor Spotlight: Miss Cassie Louise ♡


On May 22, 2013.. I went into status epilepticus.  When I was awoken from the induced coma ,something was not right. I stayed in the hospital a week being pumped with antibiotics. By Friday, May 22nd, I was screaming the place down not knowing what was right so they then committed me to the mental health unit.  I spent the weekend there.  On the 1st of June 2013 the the doctors on duty were on shift.   I was instantly tested for clots via d-dimer.  It scored in at around 2800.  So, off to the hospital I went the following day which was the 2nd of June.   I had a doppler which showed no clots in lower leg.  On June 4th, I had a VQ scan which is where they found my shower of multiple PEs bilateral both lungs.   They lost count, but they think between 60-100.   June 7th,  I was discharged back to the mental health unit.  I would now spend the next ten days sleeping 23 hours a day.  I had a couple of trips to A&E and 1 stay but it is a blur, on 15th June i was admitted back to the main hospital due to a HR of 174 and low O2 levels but not so low to need oxygen. I was instantly whisked away to have a storm of blood tests and instantly pumped with God knows what antibiotics.   I had septicemia, but I also had many other infections.   I cannot tell you what but at one point they were considering 100% isolation ward where they have to wear contamination suits, etc .  Finally, on the 3rd of July , I was allowed to go home but this was just the start of a journey with ongoing recovery.  There are so many parts I cannot remember.  I sometimes have flashbacks and cannot work out if it was real or not.   I have to ask my mum for clarification.  That is the worst part for me, not being able to remember 8 weeks of my life.




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  1. Kathi Barrett · February 4, 2017

    Dear Cassie…So much to deal with and I like you don’t recall a lot of what went on with me when I was really sick. I think over the years I’ve accepted that as a blessing…Maybe I’m not meant to know for some reason but like me you also survived and that’s what really matters…If you can try to not worry about what you can’t recall and focus more on the present maybe it will help…I think a lot of this illness has to do with acceptance… Good luck Miss Cassie and thank you for sharing.


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