Survivor Spotlight: Julie Oswald


It was my 57th Birthday on January 14, 2015. My husband had knee replacement surgery and I went to the mailbox for his paper before work. I didn’t see the patch of ice and fell on my hip and elbow. The bruise went from my knee to my hip and it gave me a hip pointer. I could barely get up off the ice, but finally made it into the house and stayed home from work for a few hours. I went back to work where I went back to my duties as the Director of Assisted Living and Senior Living for a large nursing home. I didn’t see the physician because he would just say we will keep an eye on it.

The true emergency came on Friday the 13th of March 2015. I had flu B and was instructed to stay home from work. I thought I was recovering from that when all of a sudden I went pale and couldn’t breathe. I went to Urgent Care thinking I had pneumonia or pleurisy. An x-ray was done and the PA said it looks like you have a lung infarction. I drove home and drove to the ER 40 minutes away. I sat in the ER for 2 hours even with a DVD of my infarction. If it hadn’t been for my best friend working at this hospital,  I wouldn’t be here. She took charge. I had a CT scan and told I had saddle embolus. The ER Dr. became irritated with me and said I could have died. I asked him why did I sit in your ER for 2 hours with your staff knowing I had an infarction?? He was not going to answer that question I could see. The next several days are a blur. I was in the Cardiac Care Unit. The bruise I had took two months for the clots to travel and came from my hip. I also have had Crohn’s Disease for 31 years, Factor V leiden clotting disorder, so finding where the clots came from was a toss up. 
I complained for over a year that my pubic bone was hurting terribly. By the time I had a CT scan and an MRI it was a year later and was told I had Osteitis Condensans Pubis  (weakening of the pubic bone structure). The first Rheumatologist knew nothing about it and I asked to be referred to another Rheumatologist. He told me I fractured my pubic bone.  Then my knees and elbow began to swell and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. So I am on Xarelto for life  and medicine for the Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. 
Life has truly changed for me almost 2 years ago. I lost my mom in October along with so many medical issues. I am no longer able to work. God has blessed me with a second chance at life and I have come to terms as to this is where he wants me to be. I have a precious husband, daughter,  son, their spouses and now an amazing 10 month old granddaughter. I live for God, family and friends. I love this amazing support group as we all have a story to tell on the journey we have endured.                        

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