Survivor Spotlight: Sarah Wecker



My name is Sarah Wecker and I live in Marysville, Kansas. I am married to my best friend Rick, and have two children. Sean is 20 years old, in college at Black Hills State University. Hannah is 15, a busy freshman in High School.

My story started back in the Spring of 2009. I started having knee issues and of course went to my Doctor, who sent me to Physical Therapy. By the Fall of that year nothing was working and so they sent me to the Specialist who decided a scope should be done. My surgery was on Friday the 13th…. I should have known better. Once the Doctor got in there they realized they needed to do another procedure which required me to stay off that knee for 30 days. Surgery went fine and I went back to work on Monday. I work an office position, so staying off my knee was not a problem. By the middle of that week I was getting very tired, but chalked it up to going back to work too soon. On Saturday my husband thought it would be good to get out of the house and took me shopping, which in all reality was walking on my crutches from one bench to the other. That night I woke about 3am as I had a terrible pain in my side. I tried to just go back to sleep but then I couldn’t breathe….. at all. Finally, I laid down in the hallway on the floor and I was able to catch my breath. Hubby took me to the hospital, where they had to call in the on-call Doctor. He made it pretty obvious he was not happy to be there. He told me that you must have pulled a muscle with your crutches and that is what caused your pain and lack of breath. Sent me home with muscle relaxers. I returned to work on Monday, but I kept having these pains which caused me to have to breathe very shallow. This was the week of Thanksgiving. I had a Physical Therapy appointment after work on Wednesday. I got on the table and felt terribly faint. I remember them saying that if she isn’t up in ten minutes we are going to call the ambulance. I didn’t want that so I did everything I could to get up and get to my car. I drove home and headed towards the couch. My husband wanted to take me back to the hospital but after the reception we had that Saturday evening I didn’t want to go through that again. By the end of Thanksgiving Day I would have to stop to catch my breath on the way to the bathroom. Rick said I’m taking you to the clinic tomorrow, like it or not! I remember that night when he was telling me goodnight I asked him to check on me during the night to make sure I was breathing. I don’t know why I told him that, but he said I did. The next morning when I was getting ready to go to the clinic I looked at myself in the mirror and my skin was grey colored, and I had huge black rings under my eyes. I just so happened to have the same Doctor that greeted me so kindly the Saturday night before. I know when he looked at me he knew exactly what was wrong, and the nurse looked at him and said her pulse is faint. Immediately went to get a CT scan and back to the office where that same Doctor looked at me now with oxygen on and said, you have blood clots on both lungs. This could be fatal, we need to get you to a larger hospital. He asked me which hospital I wanted to go to, Topeka or Lincoln, NE. I looked at him, mad as I could be at that point and said “if this is my last ride take me to Lincoln, Nebraska that is home”. He told me they did not have time to take me by ambulance so I got a helicopter ride out of the deal as well. Arriving at the hospital I soon had a little good news, they said they thought this could be treated with blood thinners and no surgery would be needed. I was there for five days and sent home with lots of instructions and a new life. The one thing I will always remember from my first evening at the hospital. A new nurse who had just come on duty was looking through my records on the computer. She said to me “Sarah God isn’t done with you yet, because you shouldn’t even be here”. I took that as a sign that there are things for me to accomplish or change in my life. I must say, that while post clot I continue to have issues with breathing, it is always a reminder to me of what could have happened. 


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