Survivor Spotlight with Leslie Ponciano


Like most young ladies, I was just spending my life working and trying to figure out my life. I was battling pain in my hips, lower back and knees.

Now. Just to give a little background , I was born with a congenital dislocation of my hip. So pain isn’t a new thing for me. When it started to get worse on my left hip and thigh I didn’t think anything of it. I was seeing an orthopedic doctor for this issue and he had this idea that I sshould see an arthritis doctor. Maybe seeing this doctor would pinpoint all of my issues and get a handle on it. During this time , I was having issues with my coworker due to being in pain. I know most of you will understand me when I say unless you have pain on a daily basis you don’t know what it’s like. The woman I worked with had no idea and so this pushed me to quit my job. I couldn’t take care of myself and deal with all of my pain and stress. I depended on my insurance from my job but thank goodness I have a great support system.

Now, let’s talk about the arthritis doctor. I noticed my legs were starting to swell a lot when I walked which never really happened before. I didn’t worry about it because I had an appointment with my arthritis doctor coming up soon.
I went to see him on November 18th, 2014. He ran all kinds of blood tests. He took my history which was long.(Reading the clinical notes from his visit… I can see why he didn’t catch what was happening in my body. He thought I was only in it for pain meds.) I got a call from his office the next day, they told me I had inflammatory arthritis and to set another appointment. The next day , I woke up in terrible pain. Mainly in my left thigh and hip. Since it was my “troubled” hip, I didn’t think too much of it. I took some Advil and laid back down with a heating pad.
Later on I got my “lazy” behind up and decided to take a shower. While in the shower I started to feel dizzy. I thought maybe the water was too hot so I cooled it down hurried up and got out. I went to lay down again. When I started to feel better I got myself a little something to eat. As soon as I did, I got really nauseous and barely made it to the bathroom. When I was done, I noticed it was getting harder to breathe. I looked down at my leg and my thigh was swollen and purple. Like really swollen. I needed help and fast. I called my best friend and had her drive me to the ER. They asked me if I was on birth control. I said I was and then they asked to see my leg. They pulled a vile of blood and had me show them my leg. As soon as they saw my leg they rushed me back. Before I knew it I was having a CT scan of my chest with dye then a Doppler of my thigh. That was the most painful thing I have ever experienced and I’ve had a hip replacement! Within minutes my mom arrived and then the doctor told us the news. As soon I got nauseous a part of the clot had broken off and headed straight for my right lung(That’s why I had trouble breathing). I had a pulmonary embolus which started from a blood clot in my left groin. All the pain I had been experiencing for months and swelling was caused by this blood clot. They told me it was caused by my birth control. I then asked them if this could have been caught with bloodwork. I had had all kinds of blood work done 2 days before. They said “yes”. I was floored. This could have been caught before a PE. Unbelievable! I was started on Warfarin in the ER and then moved upstairs. I was admitted to the hospital. Plans I had with my stepdad to see Mockingjay Part 1 were cancelled. While in the hospital they tried to pump some potassium into my body through IV. It felt like my body was pumping acid through my bloodstream. I wasn’t reacting to the medicine like I should have been. So this was a challenge. They tried other meds on me. Finally, they tried me on Xarelto and just gave me other things through IV. I had all kinds of genetic tests to make sure I didn’t have anything that could cause this again. Thank goodness I don’t. I was one of the few this happens to. I took Xarelto for a year then transitioned to Eliquis for 6 more months. Then my hematologist thought I would be ok. So I’ve been on a baby aspirin a day since. I haven’t taken birth control since or Advil/ibuprofen. I still have some shortness of breath but I’ve been told sometimes it just sticks. I have no long term damages and have been released from all of my blood clot team of doctors. It will be 3 years on November 20, 2017. I’m so happy I’m still here and lucky to be able to spread awareness.


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