Survivor Spotlight: Julie Cinders Hewitt


The only illness or condition I have ever really had in my life was eczema. I did not realize bigger things were around the corner for me.

I had my DVT nearly 7 years ago. Just before New Years Day, I had the most horrendous pain and cramps in my leg.  It radiated down to my heel. Instead of paying attention to my pain and cramps, I carried on until January 2nd.  I then went to the doctor who sent me straight to the hospital where I was diagnosed with a DVT.  I was sent home with Fragmin injections and Warfarin. I was to take them for 6 weeks. I was never educated or told about DVT’s so I had no real concerns. 

On February 21st,  I was told I was highly unlikely to have anymore clots. I was never educated or told about PE’s at this time either.

Four weeks later,on March 22nd, I had a bad backache.  I went to my doctor who told me to take Ibuprofen and rest. It seemed to get worse. 

On March 24th, I went for a meal.  On my way home, after walking 15 meters, I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t walk and my legs felt like lead. An ambulance was called and I was taken to A & E (UK Emergency room) where I was waiting for a doctor. I was sent for an x-ray but all the porters were busy so off I walked. I ended up clinging to a post, crying, as I felt so ill. Breathing and moving were so hard. I was moved to a ward where I was given my results of multiple bilateral pulmonary embolisms. I was told that I was being moved to ICU.  They did not have a bed for me there.  I was very sick and they didn’t want to send me to another hospital. At that point, I still didn’t know how lucky I was. I was wired up to machines and a nurse sat with me all night. The following day, a doctor told me I was lucky to be alive. I was sent for scans and heart scans. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital on Fragmin and Warfarin. I struggled to keep my INR in range without the Fragmin and was later changed to Apixaban. 

I had no symptoms really. On the same night I was admitted, a young pregnant lady came in with the same as me.  Sadly, they didn’t make it. I had bouts of guilt as to why I should have survived when two lives were taken. Thats when I realized how serious blood clots are. My anticoagulant nurse was no help at all.  I was told to not eat any vegetables, etc. I sat crying and all she said was here’s your appointment for tomorrow.

I found your group on facebook and a UK one too.  It’s the members who helped me on my journey.  Without you, I would be a bit of a mess. Silent killer is the right name for it for sure .

Here’s a BIG THANK YOU to you for all the help you have given me. It has been amazing xx

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