Someone ask me ” Why would you want to leave Boulder and go to S. Carolina? Why not move back to Texas where you came from?  So, I decided I would write a blog about it and explain our reasons.  Not just my reasons but “our” reasons.   We are a team and make our decisions together.  

Here goes:

Living in Boulder is like living in a third world country! They are so backwards here.  They are not updated on music, movies,  internet connection, clothes, cars, hairstyles, etc. ..So strange.  Sometimes I feel as if I have traveled through a time warp…

Prices are high around here.  When I say high, I mean high.  Groceries, rent, car payments, energy, trash….overall living expenses..insane!  My husband has a incredible job that pays nicely but you wouldn’t know it .  After he gets paid..money gone.  We can’t save, we can’t go on nice family vacations, we can’t go out to eat once in a while as a family,  etc… So sad.

Drugs all around….everywhere!  We choice our children in a another city due to the drugs being so bad here.   I know we can’t shelter them from all drugs…but wow!  Insane what is normal around here.   I come from a very conservative state …so to say I’m uncomfortable..is thinking correctly!

No diversity!  None..my children were stunned and weirded out when they saw their first African American.   You know how that made me feel?! Denver is diverse..not Boulder.

No family here.   We miss family.  We want our children to grow up around family .  Jamie doesn’t like Texas SO that plus some other things is why we both have decided not to move back there.   We decided on S Carolina because my sis painted all of the positives for me.   She has missed us so much and with my parents there too… It was a great choice.   We will get the mountains and the beach.   I don’t get my Meghan or my sister though.. which saddens me but they are supporting us in our decision because they know being with my parents in their later years… means alot♡♡♡♡

Cliquish! Everyone here is very cliquish. If you’re not rich, trust-fund kid or part of the In Crowd… They don’t have time for you. If you don’t ride a bike, jog, walk, run, hike,part of a health club or something… you get snubbed!

If your overweight…prepare for rudeness or just plain get ignormed.

It’s all about me attitudes.   If  I was stranded…a true Boulderite would NOT help you unless he/she was getting something in return.   Transplants, like we are,would come more to helping you than anyone who is a true Boulderite. 

Small business competition especially in the brewery business is insane in this small little town! If you don’t come out of the door running and what I mean by that is with all of your big equipment, your Tap Room looking like a million dollars.. There really is no hope for you here. When we started we thought that we could quite possibly make it here because at the time there were only three breweries opened and then ours made four.  After we opened one by one Breweries started to open to see if they could get a piece of the pie. Which made the hill we had to climb much steeper. We were holding our own and we were doing well but when the demands became much higher and we needed to bring on more investors… we were told no. This hurt us more than you realize. It was from that moment on that slowly but surely we started to decline. It was declining because we couldn’t get enough money together to build our systems larger to meet the demands that we had. People loved our beer and liquor stores from all around we’re ordering from us and we were running out.  We couldn’t keep up with all of them. We did BUT barely and it was hard grueling work. I’m proud of my husband because he had a dream and unlike most people he went out there and made his dream a reality. He worked hard, he gave up watching his children grow for which he regrets and promises to never do that again because the moments he lost out on he can NEVER get back ever. What’s important to him now is spending as much time with his girls and me as he can. He’s had a huge change of heart in a lot of areas and I’m sure it’s just with us getting older and with the turn of events in my health has opened up his eyes and mind a lot. It has put a lot of things in perspective for us. What was important to us? It was family. It was spending time together. It was going on vacations and making memories,  finding a beautiful forever home that we can call ours finally and to live the rest of our days happy together. It will also give the children a chance to get to know their aunt and uncle. It also will give them a chance and us a chance to help in any way we can with my parents and help make what’s left in their lives the best it can be surrounded by love from all of us♡

I want to make one note before I end that please don’t get me wrong… I don’t want to say that everyone in Boulder are crazy backwards pot-smoking hippies. There are some really good people here but they’re very hard to find and since living here I have only made a few friends and those have been people out of Boulder which is sad. I guarantee on the day that we leave people in our cul-de-sac wikk be watching is pa k up watches pack up…. all the sudden they’ll be our friends for just a little but just to get the scoop on where we’re going and what’s happening with us! Yep! and I guarantee that will happen.

I will miss the Rocky Mountains …seeing them from my windows, open spaces, dog friendly places, etc….I will forever have it etched in my mind.

Thanks for reading♡